Top 20 Football Clubs On Social Media: (Live Infographic)

Clubs from around the world are represented in this infographic that reveals just how many followers each has right now.  What’s rather astonishing about this is just how far ahead of the ‘big two’ Spanish teams are from the chasing pack. 

Real Madrid is the current leader at the time of publishing, edging Barcelona overall and in all individual social media streams.  Six teams from England unsurprisingly feature in the top 20 and it’s Manchester United who have impressive numbers of their own.  The marketing of top football clubs is so important for their income and sustainability and, in particular, the sales of merchandise to a global fan base.

This “live” infographic is unique in that it actually updates hourly to keep these follower numbers continually current.  The biggest three social media platforms of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are being checked for updates by, the creators of the infographic, in the background in order to make this live table possible.

Some of the more surprising stats that can be seen here include:

– PSG with
more overall followers than Liverpool and Manchester City.  Could this be because of the big signings
such as Neymar.  It does seem that a lot
of fans follow players more than they do the actual football clubs and
therefore it makes sense that Barcelona experienced a drop in followers and PSG
an increase when he moved across.  There
are lot of Neymar fans out there – especially in Brazil.

– The gap
between Inter Milan and AC Milan.  Many
would be surprised by this, as it is generally accepted that Inter are more
popular as a club.  However, this is online
fans which changes the dynamic of this view significantly.

If you want
to see more of these tables for complete leagues, then these are also available
including the Premier League at

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