EPL: Klopp reacts to alleged racial abuse of Raheem Sterling

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has reacted to the racial abuse targeted at Manchester City’s star player, Raheem Sterling during City’s defeat at the hands of Chelsea.

Kloop said that he is ‘not surprised’ at the alleged racial abuse directed at Sterling.

England international, Sterling had told the police that he was racially abused at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

He informed members of the Metropolitan Police that he heard racist insults and other foul languages as he went to retrieve a ball that had gone out of play during the 2-0 loss.
Several cameras picked up home supporters screaming at Sterling and the disturbing video has been shared by the likes of Rio Ferdinand, Ian Wright and Patrice Evra.

However, Klopp says the incident did not surprise him and that the those behind the abuse must be punished. He also hailed Sterling as ‘brilliant’ for not reacting to the abuse.

“I watched the game and I saw him pick the ball up and then I saw the guys shouting,” Metro UK quoted Klopp as saying.

“I thought his reaction was just brilliant. Looking at his face, he gave the right response. They don’t warrant any reaction or respect.

“I’m not surprised about it. It won’t stop just because we talk about it. But I like that they put the finger on it. You cannot say whatever you want.

“There need to be punishments. They need to get punished. What I like is that 95 per cent are not like this.

“Yes, punish them, but don’t talk too much about them because they don’t deserve it.”

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